How to make a bodysuit with no lateral seams.

Hi everyone! Today I finished my Peebee costume from Mass Effect Andromeda (yayy!) and one of the last things I made was a blue bodysuit with no side seams to emulate her skintone. Those of you who follow me on my social media know that I hate bodypaint (because it’s dirty AF and very unconfortable to wear for me) and I avoid it everytime I can.

I already painted some gloves for my twi’lek costume and this time I had to make a belly! I initially thought about using the upper part of a pantihose, but they all have an ugly seam in the middle, so I decided to make this bodysuit from scratch.

This bodysuit consists in a fusion between the front and the back part of a regular bodysuit leaving only one seam at the back.

These are the patterns of a regular one with two parts: the front part and the back. I hand drew it, but I hope it’s understandable (click on the image to enlarge).

I don’t especify it on this pattern but, if the fabrics are stretchy, all the contour measurements (chest, waist and hips) must be, more or less, a 20% smaller than your original measurements to make sure it’s gonna fit tight.

And, obviously, darts are not necessary.

And this is the one piece body pattern with a seam on the back. As spandex is a very elastic fabric, you can draw all the contour measurements in one go and it will fit your body thanks to the giant dart in the back.

So you can see the central part in the middle and each half back part at each side of the central one.

This can’t be done with stiff fabrics because you’ll get a lot of undesired lumps, but the stretchy ones adapt to your body perfectly.

Ih this pattern I did especify that all the contour measurements must be a 20% smaller than the original ones.

Depending on the neckline, if it’s bigger or smaller, you’ll have to add a zipper in the back or not. And you can sew together the crotch parts but you can also add some buttons to be able to go to the toilet confortably, that’s what I’ve done. I’m getting older and the idea of attending a whole convention day without going to the toilet it’s not appealing anymore.

After sewing it together, you can do some body contouring with an airbrush to make it look verisimilar.

As you may already know, contouring consists on painting the inner reliefs with dark tones and highlight the protrusions with lighter tones.

Here you can see some examples:



And this is me all glamorous with my asari swimsuit. I bought kids pantihose for the sleeves and adult pantihose for my legs. This way I have all the visible parts covered without needing to smear myself.

And that’s all! If you don’t want to do bodypaint or maybe you want to wear a corset to hide your tummy, here’s the trick!

Oh! And a bonus track: The awesome Family of 4 cosplay recently shared the link to these seamless gloves fantastic to paint the same way and wear coloured hands. This stuff with fake nails works wonders!

I hope you found this useful and, as always, feel free to comment below or on my social media.

Thanks for reading!

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