About me

Hello! My name is Laura and I’m from Madrid (Spain). I am a cosplayer whose journey in this fascinating hobby began at the age of 21, right after finishing my university studies. I was bored at home as I no longer had academic duties, so I immersed myself in the world of sewing and manual art to fill my free time.

Raised in a family passionate about video games, they have always been a constant in my life, providing me with both entertainment and inspiration. Since I picked up the needle and thread, I have never stopped creating, making cosplay my greatest passion. Experimentation, learning new techniques and the challenge of bringing my favorite fictional characters to life are what I am most passionate about.

Over time, a fervent interest in photography arose in me, understanding the importance of immortalizing my works. Therefore, my creative process when making a suit ranges from the conception of the patterns to the capture of the final image.

Although I mainly consider myself a cosplay hobbyist, I have had the privilege of entering the professional field, collaborating with renowned companies such as Inferrnum Productions, Electronic Arts, Activision-Bungie, 2K Games and Blizzard. In addition to having collaborated with various media and having been part of the Playmakers program on the former spanish Non Stop People tv channel.

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