Professional works

Cosplay is mainly a hobby for me, I do it in my free time, but I ocassionally work for companies.

Feel free to contact me at

Overwatch - Baihu Genji (2018-2019)

Costume made with Irene Marín (textiles) and Diego Fonteriz (foam armor construction and painting) as part of the Overwatch Cosplay Battle spanish team.
I made the sword props and cases, shurikens and scales.

Destiny 2 - Initial Huntress (2017)
Activision - Bungie.
Promotional actions for Destiny 2. Worn at Barcelona Games World, Paris Games Week and Lisboa Games Week. 
Also used for Curse of osiris presentation in Madrid.

Activision - Bungie.

Promotional actions for The Taken King expansion pack. Worn at the Madrid Games Week 2015 convention.

Dragon Age - Morrigan Ball Gown (2014)
Electronic Arts - Bioware.

Promotional actions for the Dragon Age Inquisition game release in Spain.

                                         Dragon's Prophet - Darksteel Armor (2013)
Infernum Productions.

Attended Gamescom (Germany) convention that year.

Cosplayer Nebulaluben. Laura Sánchez de la Blanca. Cosplayer profesional española. Cosplayer profesional España. 

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