Pobre, pobre Dante...

Dios sabe lo que le habrá hecho ésa bruja! xD

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  1. Bayonetta resulta ser un tio y Dante esta traumado porque no pouede creer que se la haya tirado, al menos es lo que parece xDD

  2. Jutaku, Bayonetta no es un tío.
    "Hey Dante, don't feel too bad about it. You weren't the first to get RAPED BY A CHICK, and you won't be the last. Just remember though. Mind your manners around Bayonetta!"

    Bayonetta blowing a kiss to Dante:
    - Oh I like the way you think, there’ll be plenty of time for pillow talk afterword.
    Now let’s rock baby!

    Dante answered drawing his sword:
    - That’s my line, but I can’t think of a better way to put is, let’s rock!

  3. No mintais todos quereis ver que hijo tendrían los dos XD
    A saber que saldría xD

  4. saldria algo asi http://thegamershub.net/wp-content/uploads/DMCConcept.jpg